Monday, March 5, 2012

New Small Format Paintings

Sheep Study #543, 6x6 Oil on Panel, 2012
I meant to get this post up a few days ago, but I had a rather hectic weekend and then it took me longer than I expected to post so many images into an album on facebook. I was able to get 90 small format paintings finished for my solo show that opened at The Harrison Gallery on Saturday, in addition to 3 new larger paintings. Doug and I had a great time at the opening reception, several of my collectors were there and it's always to meet them and spend time talking about the various connections we have. It was really fun to see such a positive response to the small paintings and just as when I display them at other public events, visitors seemed to really enjoy moving them around and making groupings. Quite a few pieces were sold the first day of the show, but there are still plenty available!

So I am posting the link to the new images here, to give my lovely friends here an opportunity to see them. I will not be selling any of them on this site, and so if you are interested in adding any of these paintings to your collection, the sale must go through the gallery. I have included their website address in the description for each piece. Also, I will try to keep the info up to date as much as possible, but it may be that your first choice might not be available, so maybe make a list before contacting them;)

I have a new project in the works called The Painter's Farm so that will keep me very busy in the next few months; I will also be looking at some new ideas about where and how to sell these small paintings and how that will coordinate with what I am doing with the farm. It's unlikely that I will be posting new work here until late summer or so but I will do my best to make a fuss when I make some decisions and when I post new work, k??? So keep an eye on things here, it will be fun, I promise!