Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, I was hoping to update here by the end of the summer, but summer turned out to be CRAZY BUSY; I did a farmer's market each week all summer, and an INSANELY huge garden to tend, not to mention three kids to chauffeur around. I also had several events including a larger one (the Beekman Boys Harvest Festival) in mid-September to prepare for, then I had to rest for a week after that in order to keep what's left of my sanity.....

So I spent this last week, spiffing up my new website. Actually, I have been working on it off and on for months but between my schedule and the rather long learning curve for website building programs that one evidently needs at my age, it took longer than I expected to get it online. Also, my ideas about it's purpose kept shifting throughout so I often had to spend extra time reorganizing it.

Anyhoo. The Painter's Farm website is up and running. Still needs a bit of polishing, a couple of photos need to be replaced, that sort of thing. But I suspect that it will always be a work in progress, with new images, updates, products and inventory items that come and go, etc. In addition, I have decided to end both my blogs and switch to a more casual one on the website which will integrate so much better with the online shop and all the other prattling on about the farm. Plus far fewer passwords for me to remember. Heh.

So let's do links, shall we???

The Painter's Farm

Small Format Paintings

The Painter's Farm on facebook (I have been kinda quiet there lately, but will be picking it back up now that everything else is set)

Tracy Helgeson Art on facebook

Twitter ( I am not very good on twitter, but you can follow me if ya want. I put out a few gems here and there, but can't seem to keep up with the conversations very well, oops)

And finally, I would like to thank all of you who have been so interested in my work. I can't even put into words how much I have appreciated the support. I think I will always be making art and other things whether or not anyone is paying attention, but in the last few years I have learned that it is just so much more FUN when there is an audience for what I make! Thank you!